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Increasing efficiency and safety through state of the art equipment.

L4 Civil engineering - the story so far

“L4 civils started in April 2020 at the start of the pandemic which was a little bit scary to start with, but we ploughed on! Now we are up to 20 sites operating around a 60 mile radius of our head office in Corby. We employ around 60 people across all the sites, as well as extra subcontractors as and when we need them. We are experiencing year on year sustainable growth. We’ve funded vans, dumpers, diggers and GPS kits through Charles and Dean, so a bit of all sorts really!”

Steven Lattimore - Owner and Managing Director L4 Civil Engineering Limited.

The Problem

L4 Civil Engineering needed funding to support business growth. "By buying our own machinery instead of hiring it, we save money and it’s also great for business presence if we turn up on site with our own kit that is all branded up. It looks smart and we also know really easily which is ours."

The Approach

Steven is time poor and needed funding fast in order to service his contracts effectively. At Charles & Dean we provided a quick speed of response which was important for Steven. “I can message Charles & Dean saying “please sort this out” and they sort it!”

The Results

L4 Civil Engineering has invested in state of the art equipment to increase efficiency and safety. They look after their kit and order bespoke buckets and tilt rotators for their diggers, allowing them to complete jobs more quickly.

Equipment spotlight

The piece of equipment we saw on site was an ENGCON EC214 rotating hitch with EC OIL. It unhitches quickly without having to take the hoses off meaning that the operator can change attachments quickly without getting out of the cab. From a safety point of view and an efficiency perspective, it’s ideal. The machine itself has a Leica MC1 machine control kit wired in as well which is additional cost “but we do it for the safety and efficiency benefits it brings. This machine allows the driver to work on his own, he doesn’t need anyone near him if required. Normally you’d have to have a Groundworker on a laser level telling him how deep he’s gone etc, whereas the machine tells him, so he can literally work on his own.”


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