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Unlocking Success: How Charles & Dean Enabled Gilgamesh's Grand Entrance into Covent Garden

“Charles & Dean played an instrumental role in helping us to bring the world-renowned Gilgamesh to Covent Garden. High street banks simply couldn’t provide us with the same level of support as Charles & Dean. They took the time to really understand our needs, our industry experience and goals for Gilgamesh, securing the necessary funds to open in time for Christmas.


We would gladly recommend Charles & Dean to anyone in the F&B industry requiring financial support.”


Andy Christopher, Co-Founder, Gilgamesh

The Problem

Gilgamesh, a brand-new, pre-revenue restaurant in Central London, faced the daunting challenge of financing the fit-out costs for their establishment. The project was particularly complex as the business had yet to commence trading, operating in an industry perceived as volatile by many market players.


The Approach

Charles & Dean, equipped with extensive experience in financing similar ventures, took a meticulous approach to address the challenges at hand. Our team collaborated closely with Gilgamesh to comprehensively assess the project's scope, including cost estimations and asset procurement details. Armed with this deep understanding, we formulated a tailored solution to meet Gilgamesh's unique requirements.


We strategically engaged with a select group of lenders from our robust panel, leveraging our strong relationships built on trust and reliability. Through diligent preparation and meticulous presentation of the opportunity, we positioned Gilgamesh favourably, ensuring optimal terms and conditions for all involved parties.


The Result

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Charles & Dean and Gilgamesh, the ambitious venture not only secured the necessary funding but also achieved significant milestones. With our assistance, Gilgamesh successfully acquired funding against eligible assets, enabling them to offset a substantial portion of the fit-out costs.


As a result, Gilgamesh was able to realise its vision of bringing the renowned establishment to Covent Garden, opening its doors in time for a bustling Christmas season.


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