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Charles & Dean is a people business. Our purpose is to help people prosper and we consider ourselves very lucky to have grown the brilliant team that makes up C&D today. In order to fulfil our growth plans, we need more talent and are driven to find the very best. This process never stops; however, providing the personal and professional service that we are known for takes a particular kind of person.

You could be just who we're looking for. So, why join us?

Here is what our team say makes us different ...

Kevin Calkiewicz.jpg


Reason 1: Our fast-paced, startup feel

For Senior Account Manager Kevin Calkiewicz, it's all about the fast-paced, startup feel that comes with living in a stunning countryside town whilst competing on the top table. A floor of Canary Wharf has quite literally been stripped from London’s crowded, business-heavy district and placed in picturesque rural Stamford. 

Whilst we are not located in London, we do possess the London vibe that many companies strive to seek. We pride ourselves in being a dynamic place to work where potential is nurtured and ambition is delivered upon. Besides, London is just 75 minutes away - we didn’t say we weren’t fond of a trip!

When weighing up whether to join a large established company or an exciting new startup, you can rest-assured that we fall directly in the middle as a close-knit team with increasingly big plans …

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Reason 2: We encourage balance

When you've got the perfect team, your surroundings have to match. With charming stone architecture and rolling meadows, Stamford encourages our team to embrace the peace and quiet. Not for long though! As serene and aesthetically pleasing as Stamford is, it is also disproportionately well-endowed with quality pubs, providing us with the perfect excuse to frequently enjoy a drink together after a day at the office ...

Based in beautiful Stamford ...

Jack Bracewell.jpg


Reason 3: We're a team worth travelling for

Attitude is contagious, as is our sense of community. We are very proud of the fact that some of our employees have embraced change and relocated for their roles. For recently promoted Account Manager Jack Bracewell, the move from Manchester to Stamford was well worth it. It has been said that the opportunity to work for Charles & Dean has its own gravitational pull. We hope you can see why!

Hannah & John 1.HEIC

Reason 4: We’re happiest when hustling

As a notably young team intent on disrupting an industry that has long been stuck in its ways, we have positioned ourselves as a market-leader within a short space of time. Our social philosophy of establishing relationships resonates throughout the entire business. Naturally, we embrace the ‘work hard, play hard’ ethic (as much as we despise the expression), thriving off of the energy and perspective that our dynamic team brings. Rarely do you come across a team so determined to reach a united goal and the synergy between colleagues, departments and partnerships is truly exceptional.

Team C&D's enviable social life ...

Reason 5 Photo.png

Reason 5: Our statistics speak for themselves

5 weeks into the series, we brought you 5 key facts about our team and would like to let the statistics speak for themselves!

  • 21% of our team are women - above the national average of 17% for women in finance.

  • 85% staff retention considered very healthy within our industry

  • 50% of our employees are new hires brought on over the last 12 months

  • 25% of our employees are promoted within their first 24 months

  • We are rated excellent at 4.9 stars on Trustpilot

Reason 6 Photo.jpg


Reason 6: We invest in development

For our Marketing Coordinator Sophia Abdallah, our onboarding process and development opportunities are what makes us stand out.

C&D’s two-week training program enables new employees to absorb information in order to approach their new role with confidence. Progression and upskilling is continually pushed and members of the team are encouraged to put forward courses to improve their knowledge and make their roles as efficient as possible. We take time to ensure that all employees are confident with the various applications, platforms and software that are regularly used on a daily basis.

For Soph, this came in the form of a course to become a Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist!

Supporting your career ...

Charlie Best.jpeg


Reason 7: We’re in it for the long run

Charles & Dean is a final destination for many of our employees! We pride ourselves in fostering a sociable culture so strong that few of us leave ...

Reason 8: Our Company Values


8 weeks into the series, we shared what it is that makes us C&D. Being a values-based company is more than a motto. It is about knowing the “why” behind the service we provide.

Our identity stems from our core values of:

  • Ambition

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Solution

  • Partnership

  • Empathy

  • Financial Expertise

Quite the mouthful when you list them altogether! Whilst we fund ambition for our clients in the form of assets and supercars, we are equally driven to fund ambition for our team.

Funding ambition ...

Alice Manby.jpg


Reason 9: Our office environment of dreams

We spoke to our lovely Office Manager Alice Thomas to see what she has to say about joining team C&D, most notably that we love where we’re based in our beautiful barn conversion of an HQ! Complete with a pool table, drinks fridge, stereo system and an endless supply of snacks, our office truly is outstanding, not to mention welcoming. A large part of Alice’s role is bringing the whole team together with internal events - our most recent Sports Day being a fantastic example!

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-19 at 13.01.41.jpeg


Reason 10: C&D’s forecasted growth

Our final reason was delivered last week by our Director & Co-Founder Tom Perkins. We have some really exciting projects ahead of us, which will in turn carve out new departments and opportunities for the business. Take it from him - it’s an incredibly exciting time to join C&D as we continue on our journey to disrupt the industry.

Watch this space ...

Reason 11 Photo.png

Reason 11: We’re Best Employer of the Year

Over the course of the last 10 weeks, we are thrilled to have been recognised as Best Employer 2022 by Asset Finance Connect at their Summer Awards. This award truly reflects the passion and commitment of an incredibly driven team and just had to be included as Reason 11.


Judges comments included:


A small business that embraces the behaviours of organisations that are much larger and with much larger budgets.


A well evidenced nomination. The business acted very well during the pandemic, keeping their team on full pay, and indeed recruited. Training is well embedded and there is strong active leadership in terms of ensuring that their teams are well catered for and that they understand the corporate culture.

classic car finance

Round-Up Time!

If you have made it this far, you will know that we love being a fantastic employer and are very mindful that the happiness and drive of our employees stems directly from our approach. This is an ongoing priority of ours, no matter which direction the business takes. Fundamentally, our success originates from the innate strength of our team and it is this spirit that feeds our ever evolving mission to cultivate ambition for the entire Charles & Dean ecosystem.


As Tom says, "whilst there has been strategic direction over the years, the majority of our success has been driven by the people here at Charles & Dean. Every single member of our team is motivated and ambitious in their own right and we are looking to continue to grow this business with likeminded people."

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