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Here at Charles & Dean, our people are extremely important to us. Each and every member of our team has been interviewed and selected by Directors Tom and Simon as a result of possessing that little bit of extra something that makes them them and us C&D.

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Tom Perkins

Director & Co-Founder

For over ten years, Tom has been a noteworthy leader in the asset finance space, delivering talks and sharing knowledge across a plethora of platforms. We know him to be an influential figure when it comes to disrupting outdated trends and driving finance for SMEs across the UK. His ever-present dynamism permeates even the farthest branches of the Charles & Dean community, inspiring our endeavour to provide unique, tailored solutions.

Simon Grace

Director & Co-Founder

Driven by his abundant entrepreneurial spirit, Simon takes pride in ensuring that Charles & Dean provides the very best. His extraordinary commitment to driving the pace of life at C&D can be seen across all areas of the business and his passion for nurturing ambition is evident for all to see. Having built a team founded upon determination, Simon continues to drive Charles & Dean’s tremendous growth as a resilient business with tenacity at its core.

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Alice Thomas

Office Manager

classic car finance


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James Murray

Head of Motor Sales

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Kevin Calkiewicz

Senior Account Manager

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Tom Theobald

Senior Account Manager

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Jack Bracewell

Account Manager

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Charlie Best

Finance Specialist

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Dean Clarke

Finance Specialist

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Holand Couzens

Finance Specialist

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Felix Rouch

Sales Development Representative

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Chris Hiley-Payne

Head of Classic & Motorsport

classic car finance


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Michael McCormack

Acquisitions Specialist

classic car finance


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James Wood

Head of Commercial Sales

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Joe Stevens

Account Manager

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Justin Dingley

Finance Specialist

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Jodie Taylor

Sales Development Representative

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Toby Wood

Sales Development Representative

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Connor Harper

C&D Academy Member

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Jack Phillips

C&D Academy Member

classic car finance


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Gemma Gornall

Head of Operations

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Chloe Baker

Client Relationship Executive

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Emma Briggs-Fish

Client Relationship Executive

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Hannah Taylor

Client Relationship Executive

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Jess Yelvington

Client Relationship Executive

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Hannah Lake

Payout Coordinator

classic car finance


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Sophia Abdallah

Marketing Coordinator

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Libby Armstrong

Content & Communications Coordinator

classic car finance
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