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Overcoming Financial Hurdles with Merchant Cash Advance

Nestled in Portsmouth, Airport Expert is committed to delivering seamless airport transportation solutions. Despite a fast growing reputation, a setback with a partner led to cash flow challenges, putting their payroll obligations at risk. However, a tailored finance solution emerged as the vital lifeline they needed.


"Throughout the process, Josh, our dedicated Financial Specialist, offered exceptional support. He was highly responsive, promptly addressing all queries and guiding us through every step of the process."

Liviu T. Topala - Director, Airport Expert

The Challenge

Airport Expert faced cash flow hurdles when a reliable partner failed to meet payment obligations. This left them in urgent need of business capital to cover wages. However, accessing traditional bank loans proved challenging due to their new business status, having launched in 2021. Their search for solutions was further complicated by encountering brokers who were unresponsive or offered pre-approval only to later reject them for falling short of minimum monthly business earnings requirements.


The Approach

Feeling discouraged by their financial predicament, Airport Expert turned to Charles & Dean for assistance. Upon understanding the unique requirements of the business, our team swiftly intervened, providing £9,000 in MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) business capital to address their pressing financial needs.


Recognising their need for a swift solution, communication was facilitated via WhatsApp, ensuring seamless interaction and reducing delays. Even after securing approval, our team maintained regular contact to ensure the successful receipt of finance. The MCA was structured based on revenue generated from online bookings, aligning with their business model and tailored specifically to their strengths.


The Result

Empowered by the MCA business capital from Charles & Dean, Airport Expert successfully navigated their cash flow challenges, promptly meeting payroll obligations and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Buoyed by this financial assistance, they are now poised to expand their operations, with plans to establish a new base in Cardiff. This strategic move underscores their readiness to scale and seize new opportunities, with Charles & Dean by their side to support them in overcoming business challenges.



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