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Fleet Refinancing: How We Helped A Client Save £50k A Year

"Success in refinancing a fleet of coaches for a repeat client highlights the brilliant way that debt restructuring can conserve cashflow, allowing businesses to meet financial obligations, increase profit margins and succeed in challenging times."

James Wood, Head of Sales for Business Finance at Charles & Dean

The Problem

We recently had the opportunity to work with a repeat customer, who was struggling to meet their operating license requirements due to a lack of available cashflow. Our primary goal was to help the client increase their profit margin which would have otherwise stagnated or even decreased due to current economic strains.

The Approach

We recognised the need to act quickly and proposed a solution to refinance the client's fleet of coaches. Our team extended the debt over a longer period of time to ease the pressure on the client's cashflow in increasingly uncertain times.

The Results

The refinancing of the fleet resulted in the release of approximately £50K per year in net cashflow for the client. This not only helped them meet their operation license requirements but also significantly increased their profit margin- delivering the business growth so essential to their continued stability.

At Charles & Dean, we remain committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of the current economic climate, allowing them to achieve long-term success in their business.


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