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Driving Towards a Greener Future

Navigating London's green shift, JHS Taxis, a valued Charles & Dean client, sought to upgrade their fleet to electric taxis. With a tailored financing solution, we propelled them beyond their 100th taxi, aligning with London's eco-friendly requirements.

The Problem

JHS Taxis, a valued client of Charles & Dean, faced a pressing need to upgrade their extensive taxi fleet to comply with stringent ULEZ and congestion zone requirements in London. With a fleet containing a number of older diesel vehicles, the challenge was to help them transition to electric taxis while maintaining operational efficiency.

The Approach

Returning to Charles & Dean for the funding of their 101st taxi, JHS Taxis sought a solution that aligned with the capital’s greener initiative. Leveraging our expertise, we analysed our panel of lenders to identify those with an appetite for electric vehicles. Crafting a tailored deal, we included a VAT Deferral strategy to facilitate the purchase.

Given their choice of a brand new LEVC TX Vista, JHS were able to utilise a government grant available for electric vehicle purchases. This not only reduced costs for JHS Taxis but also enhanced the asset security for the lender.

The Result

Thanks to Charles & Dean's strategic financing, JHS Taxis exceeded their 100th taxi milestone, expanding their fleet with a focus on electric vehicles. If you're seeking a finance specialist to understand your unique business requirements, contact us today. 

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