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Celebrating impactful change for a community-centric charity.

Another groundbreaking success story!

Charles & Dean recently helped a charity whose heart beats for the community. Through their tireless efforts, this charity has championed initiatives to combat food waste, alleviate food poverty, prevent homelessness, and foster community wellbeing.

The Problem

Challenges loomed large, with the charity experiencing high outgoings each month on their electricity bills, denting their cash flow. This hindered their ability to expand projects and serve beneficiaries effectively. The charity began looking at solar panels, without realising that these could be funded.

The Approach

C&D stepped in to provide a funding solution that transformed their sustainability efforts, crafting a bespoke split-payment plan to ensure seamless financial support.

The Result

By financing 284 solar panels, we helped the charity significantly reduce their costs, releasing £3,500 per month previously tied up in electricity bills. The solar panels not only cut costs, but also empowered the charity to redirect their saved funds towards crucial community projects. These assets are paying for themselves, providing sustainable energy and financial stability.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable success story - an example of how financial support can ignite impactful change in communities! Contact Charles & Dean today to explore how we can support your organisation’s aspirations.


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