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C&D supports leading coach operator in Essex with a better rate than their bank of 30 years

“My contact was Joe, he guided me through the process from start to finish. I had thought up until now that the mainstream high street banks, especially ones you have placed all of your business banking requirements with over many years should always be able to provide the best rates. Charles and Dean have proved otherwise.”

Robert Lodge - Director, Lodge Coaches.

The Problem

Our client intended to buy a new coach and believed that his regular high street bank would provide the best rate and service. Unsatisfied with the initial rate, they decided to request a quote through Charles & Dean. Ultimately, we managed to beat the rate offered by the high street lender with which they had maintained a banking relationship for many years.

The Approach

Subsequently, the high street bank proposed a reduced rate, revealing that the best product had not been initially presented to the client. They then applied pressure in an attempt to get a decision made quickly. At Charles & Dean, we presented our best offer and granted the client the opportunity to contemplate their options prior to making a decision.

The Results

Our client successfully secured the necessary funds for their new coach, accomplishing not only their financial goal but also making impressive savings of over £400 on their finance deal.


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