From the Diner to the Road

Charles & Dean are able to significantly assist in the growth and expansion of many SMEs. We recently helped No 5 Catering secure finance enabling them to take their business from the diner to the road!

No 5 Catering, based in Yeovil, run a successful diner, serving everything from cooked breakfasts to Cornish pasties and jacket potatoes. The established business model lent itself to incorporate a delivery service, however suitable transportation of the hot and cold meals was an essential requirement.

Having sourced the vehicle from a reputable supplier, No 5 Catering were put in touch with Charles & Dean to explore the best finance product to suit their business needs. We worked hard to find the right lender and helped them understand the business, the nature of the asset and the industry it would be operating in, as well as evidencing there would be a significant improvement in the company’s financials from the purchase of the vehicle

The funds were successfully secured for the customer and as illustrated in the broker proposal, the vehicle paid for itself within the first six months.

The purchase was to be such a lucrative investment that Charles & Dean were able to assist again six month later when a second vehicle was purchased – expanding the fleet and in turn increasing the return on investment.    

No 5 Catering are now able to deliver to a large local area serving breakfasts and lunches and are now offering a buffet service for events and functions; none of which could be facilitated without acquiring the profitable industry vehicles.

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