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Unlocking Equity and Competitive Rates: TGE Talks Refinance on his Carrera GT

Simon Grace, co-founder of Charles & Dean, recently caught up with our long-time &Partner, Tom Exton, for an enlightening discussion about the world of refinance and the pivotal role C&D has played in Tom's journey towards new horizons. While our reputation may precede us in car finance, we take immense pride in our commitment to continually meeting the evolving needs of our clients. This dedication translates into our meticulous approach to tailoring finance packages, ensuring they align seamlessly with our clients' evolving plans and ambitions.

During their conversation, Tom shared firsthand how our close collaboration empowered him to secure more competitive rates and unlock equity from his investment portfolio, including the illustrious Carrera GT. This injection of liquidity not only bolstered his business but also opened doors to exciting growth opportunities. Tom also delved into the benefits of cultivating a lasting relationship with a broker, highlighting how such partnerships can provide invaluable long-term benefits, especially for clients with complex income profiles. And to top it off, Tom gave us a sneak peek into the future by sharing his thoughts on the kinds of cars he's eyeing next!

If you're eager to explore car finance or refinance solutions, reach out to us at Charles & Dean today to turn your ambitions into reality.


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