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Struggling with the ULEZ Expansion? We Understand the Challenges. 🚛📈

Simon Grace, Co-Founder and Director of Charles & Dean, addresses the significant impacts of the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) expansion on businesses. We understand that adapting to these changes can be challenging, and we’re here to help you navigate these complexities effectively.

Simon highlights the key concerns many businesses face, including the substantial upfront costs required to obtain ULEZ-compliant vehicles. These expenses often lead to increased trade prices, which can, in turn, impact customer retention.

At Charles & Dean, we are committed to assisting you in understanding the finance options best suited to optimise your business growth during this transition. Whether you need guidance on fleet investments, raising capital, or other financial strategies, we’re here to help.

If you have been impacted by ULEZ or are finding the transition difficult, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our Finance Specialists are here to offer tailored solutions to help your business thrive.

Watch the full video above or by clicking here.


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