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Revitalising Property Investments through Refinancing

"I am very grateful to Charles & Dean and their agent Georgina for the support and success in achieving the financial restructuring of my companies to purchase the adjacent office investment premises. With multi-let units this needed a careful approach to suitable lenders and my confidence in how this was to be handled was justified."

Brian, Director, HMO and Office Building Owner in Dundee, Scotland

Brian, an experienced entrepreneur and property investor based in Dundee, has been at the forefront of the property investment scene since 1997. He has successfully transformed numerous commercial properties into thriving residential spaces. 

His latest venture involved purchasing a commercial office building in Dundee, but to make this investment a reality, he needed to refinance his existing residential houses in multiple occupation (HMO) properties.

The Problem

Brian's plan to purchase the commercial office building hinged on securing a substantial deposit. His strategy involved refinancing his current lender on his residential HMO property and releasing equity. 

However, Brian faced challenges with his current lender, which was slow to respond and inflexible. Despite initially agreeing to the refinance, no progress was made, prompting Brian to seek a more reliable financing solution with Charles & Dean.


The Approach

Understanding the urgency and complexity of Brian's financial needs, our team stepped in to provide a tailored solution. We recognised that a lender known for its strong market reputation and flexibility would be ideal for Brian's requirements. We focused on securing a deal with lower fees and a higher interest rate, which suited Brian's preferences and financial strategy.


The Solution

After negotiating terms, we secured an offer and proceeded with two loans, allowing Brian to refinance the HMOs and obtain the necessary funds for the commercial office building. This approach maintained healthy financial leverage across his entire portfolio. By obtaining a commercial mortgage, Brian finalised the office building acquisition and continued expanding his investments.

With the refinance completed and the deposit secured, Brian purchased the commercial office building in Dundee, marking another milestone in his property investment journey.

C&D’s strategic financial support not only facilitated this acquisition but also reinforced Brian's confidence in navigating future investments. By partnering with us, Brian overcame the hurdles posed by his previous lender, demonstrating the power of tailored financial solutions in achieving property portfolio growth.


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