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Industry: Production Company Funding: £85,000 Location: Market Deeping, Cambridgeshire Product: Revolving Credit Facility

The Challenge: The customer had won a contract which required the immediate purchase of digital plasma screens from a Norwegian supplier. The supplier required a 50% deposit before the equipment could be shipped. This had to be arranged within 5 working days. The business was not in the position to cash flow the deposit and therefore this created a cash flow challenge.

The Solution: Charles & Dean arranged an unsecured revolving facility which simulated an overdraft for £85,000 within 48 hours. Charges for this product were paid on an interest only basis which protected the business’s cash flow. This product enabled the asset to be shipped and delivered within the tight time frame, which allowed the contract to be supported.

The Result: The business was able to satisfy their new contract in the time frame. When the display screens were delivered, they were put onto Asset Finance which enabled the facility to be closed and offered the ideal cash flow solution for these circumstances.


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