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Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Funding: £47,500

Industry: Service Industry

Product: Asset Refinance

The Challenge: A local based laundry business was looking to purchase additional materials to keep up with the linen supplies for their local hotel contracts. The requirement to purchase new linen was a significant cost to the business and therefore posed a cash flow challenge.

The Solution: Charles & Dean was able to identify value in the business critical assets such as an industrial ironing machine which was purchased earlier in the year. Once identifying the most appropriate lender, a refinancing agreement was arranged enabling £47,500 of capital to be released and put back into the business.

The Result: Within just 72 hours, Charles & Dean were able to value the equipment, identify the appropriate lender and product and release the money back to the customer. The fast turnaround meant that more materials were able to be purchased without any disruption to the business operations or their contracts.


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