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Vehicle: Ferrari 458

Product: Hire Purchase & Balloon (Regulated)

Funding: £103,000

Location: London

The Challenge: Our client was looking at a number of Ferraris in and around the London area. Originally, he was specifically looking at cars sold by main dealers and was struggling to find a car that suited the specifications he wished for. There were a number of vehicles on the private market that were suitable although our client was unsure as to whether this would cause an issue with funding. The seller of the Ferrari also had existing finance on the car!

The Solution: With a select few funders in the market with an appetite to support private sale finance, Charles & Dean were able to structure a deal where the private seller received payment in full whilst also settling off his existing finance. This enabled a swift transaction without the need for any 3rd party dealers. Appropriate due diligence was conducted by Charles & Dean and the vehicle was fully inspected to ensure comfort for the lender.

The Result: Our client was able to identify a suitable Ferrari 458 from a private seller, whilst being able to fund the vehicle in the same way he would have done if purchased through a Ferrari main dealer. This deal was completed from start to finish in 72 hours.


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