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Electric Cars - Watt Do I Need To Know?

With the government going completely green with the ban on new petrol and diesel cars having been brought forward to 2030 (originally planned for 2040) and hybrids to follow in 2035, the future is certainly looking electric!

Although you will still be able to buy petrol and diesel cars second hand, from 2030, those buying new cars will have a choice of either battery-electric vehicles or cars fuelled by hydrogen.

We are aware this might come as a shock (pardon the pun). So, watt do you need to know?

There are plenty of snazzy new electric cars and we have taken the liberty of ranking our top 5 for you. They are as follows:

1. Porsche Taycan Performance Plus


  1. Great Build Quality

  2. Excellent Range

  3. Drives like a normal Porsche

2. Tesla Model 3 Long Range


  1. Very Good Technology

  2. Much Longer Range in Comparison to Competitors

3. BMW I4 M50


  1. Looks like a normal car

  2. Comparable Range to Model 3

  3. Lots of Optional Extras

4. Audi E Tron GT


  1. Charging Ports on Both Sides

  2. Special Alloy Wheels

  3. Suspension up to 50MM

5. Mercedes EQS


  1. Effortless Performance

  2. Clever Body Packaging

  3. Ultra Roomy

Watt’s more, earlier this year, shared the data they had collected around the world’s cleanest and greenest cars.

Surprisingly, their ranking for the most sustainable car manufacturers saw Tesla come last (in 17th place) with Peugeot taking first place as the best car manufacturer for the environment. Other key takeaways included Volkswagen is the second-best car brand for the planet and SMART has more electric cars than any other brand.

Now there are some evident downsides to electric vehicles

● Their batteries require rare metals

● Production creates more emissions

● They are only as green as their power sources

● You can't drive as far in an electric car

● There aren't many charging points

To name a few. However, if you fancy yourself as an Eco Warrior (which we all do after watching Frozen Planet II recently) the biggest downside to buying an electric car is that it is very expensive.

Cue Charles & Dean!

Through finance packages tailored to you and leveraged by balloon payments, we could reduce your monthly outgoings considerably and fund the electric car for you.


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