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With Charles & Dean’s support, DJI Property Services Ltd were able to finance a Spider Lift Cherry Picker to support the growth of their business.

DJI Property Services are a specialist high access company operating in and around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. The company were looking to purchase a second, more specialist Cherry Picker to make it easier to access all the high up hard to reach places without the use of ladders or scaffolding. The asset would make work much quicker and a lot more convenient for DJI’s customers. Purchasing the Cherry Picker would also improve income for the business, not only by providing a wider range of repair and maintenance options but by utilizing the asset as ‘hire’ equipment too.

DJI Property Services was still a relatively new company, trading for only 3 years, the business fell outside the typical remit for asset finance, meaning funding could be problematic. That’s where Charles & Dean stepped in. We worked closely with the business directors to build a projected business forecast that demonstrated the benefits of purchasing the asset.

We worked hard to find the right lender and helped them understand the business, the nature of the asset and the industry it would be operating in, as well as evidencing there would be a significant improvement in the company’s financials from the purchase of this machine. DJI Property Services were able to sign the finance agreement and payout was completed within 48 hours of the deal being accepted. Leaving the business directors impressed with the speed and efficiency of the process, and able to purchase the Cherry Picker sooner rather than later.

DJI Property Services is quickly seeing a return on the investment with the asset generating income from day one. Alongside the high access services, the business now offers Cherry Picker hire service too, giving both private customers and businesses the opportunity to hire the asset with the help of an experienced Cherry Picker operator.

We look forward to working closely with DJI Property Services for financial solutions in the near future.

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