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With Charles & Dean’s support, Calibrate Inc were able to finance two biomass units to support the growth of their business.

The National Green Deal & ECO award winners are leading providers of intelligent ‘hands off’ heating systems, designed to provide maximum energy and cost savings for commercial businesses. Calibrate Inc were recently featured in the parliamentary review for their innovation in the renewable sector.

Calibrate Inc needed the biomass units for the drying of woodchip and to support the existing B2B and B2C arms of the business. There were a number of advantages for Calibrate Inc in purchasing the biomass-fuelled energy systems, such as lower installation costs, financial support from regional, national and European funding programmes and Biomass CHP schemes and incentive (RHI) programmes.

The Biomass units were sourced and purchased from Germany. They are also classed as a ‘soft asset’ meaning funding would be hard to attract. That’s when Charles & Dean stepped in. We found the right lender and helped them understand the business and the nature of the biomass assets. Utilizing the Sale and HP back asset finance product, Calibrate Inc were able to purchase the two units.

Calibrate Inc are quickly seeing a return on their investment as the units have been generating income from day one. The business expects the units to pay for themselves within the next three years.

We look forward to working closely with Calibrate Inc for financial solutions in the near future.

“10 years using asset finance to expand our businesses and this has been the most straightforward, enjoyable experience yet. Kevin and the team did an absolutely fantastic job of a complex transaction, I couldn’t recommend these guys more.”Shane McDonald, Calibrate Energy Engineering


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