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Broker Profiling: Kevin Calkiewicz

Charles & Dean’s Kevin Calkiewicz is the finance broker tasked with heading up our new London Office in Hanover Square, Mayfair. For Kevin, it’s all about timing; accessing the right finance at the right time has never been more important, with prices softening at a faster rate than the increased cost of borrowing (reducing cost to purchase). Likewise, London has never been busier, with office occupancy booming.

Put simply, the time is now. C&D are approaching the world’s automotive capital with ambitious intent.

Backed by robust lender relations, Charles & Dean are expanding upon our existing footprint in London, with a mission to fund ambition more acutely than ever before.

Kevin’s focus? Championing relationships over transactions.

This notion is intrinsic to Kevin’s core values, stemming from his background. Prior to joining Charles & Dean, Kev worked in the property development sector and joined us in 2020 when he was 24, with little experience in finance. After his initial training, he made an immediate impression when handling new enquiries and prospects, adjusting to the role extremely well and exceeding expectations as far as achieving the title of Senior Broker well before his second anniversary.

Fueled by his appetite for growth, Kevin specialises in high-net-worth and key account management and has leveraged his position as a finance broker to provide a full turn-key solution for his prestige and supercar clients. Working closely with individuals operating across the Finance, Real Estate, Legal and Tech sectors, Kevin remains personable and consultative in his approach, in true Charles & Dean fashion, which has had a lasting impact.

As an expert negotiator, Kevin brings a uniquely developed skillset to London. Of his plans for the office in Hanover Square, Kevin says,

‘It is our ambition that Charles & Dean is the name in asset finance. We aim to achieve this by upholding a consultative approach, where we know what our clients’ desires are and how to make them happen. Pushing past automated systems and telephone lines, we are forming a base in the elegant district of Mayfair to ensure that our core traditional values are retained across an increasingly depersonalised and transactional marketplace, bringing a much needed presence to the local area.’

A disruptive force within the finance space.

When working with individuals who lead fast-paced lives, Charles & Dean are entrusted to arrange finance as they would themselves, nurturing professional relationships that place emphasis on quality time.

In an era of faceless voice, Charles & Dean are a recognisable brand with a personable face, as a brokerage born out of building relationships with both clients and lenders across the UK.


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