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Brewing Finance

The brewing industry is booming, and with some great examples of how huge growth in this expanding market sector is possible (Brewdog for example), it raises questions in regards to how brewing finance can be used to aid business plans for growth or how it can be a more suitable alternative route to funding. Some points to note:

  • Asset finance is an alternative option to a business loan: all assets deserve a different rate, make sure you are not paying too much.

  • Crowdfunding can be a great way to access funds, however, if you also set a smaller target, that can be used as a deposit to fund the asset you need.

  • Private investments and crowdfunding can lead to liquidating the equity in your business when it is not always necessary.

We have recently seen a surge in enquiries from the brewing sector, predominantly the craft beer industry but also from established breweries. Charles & Dean could be of assistance to YOUR business when you are looking to expand or undertake a new project…whether it be brewery equipment, kegs or casks; a restaurant/taproom opening or refurbishment; vans to get your drinks delivered to your customers or any other equipment needed, these are all fundable through utilising our industry  knowledge and accessing our specialist brewing finance. Equally if you are looking for working capital for other requirements we have access to the most competitive cost of funds in the market.

Charles & Dean have a wealth of experience in arranging finance for a diverse range of industries enabling them to grow and meet their business requirements. We work across the UK with SME’s to help them overcome budget barriers and gain access to funds. With a myriad of benefits to utilising asset finance, it is deemed by many as the best kept secret!

If the information above is of use and you are seeking an alternative option on how you purchase your equipment or would like a quote to see an alternative option then please call 01780 763836


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