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Breaking Down Barriers - Protecting Cash Flow

Cash is the lifeblood of any business and there is little profit to be made from empty promises of payment. Protecting cash flow for clients is a high priority for Charles & Dean, as is backing environmentally friendly businesses. Some of our most significant transactions fall under the sustainable bracket, including our work with one of our returning clients who are intent on saving the planet one welfare cabin at a time.

Moving on from traditional welfare units powered by diesel generators, this particular client came to Charles & Dean with the intention of funding 30+ Eco Cabins for their energy efficient welfare range. Complete with generators that solely run on plant-based HVO biofuel (made from 100% raw, renewable materials), these units are incredibly environmentally friendly as they do not release any new CO2 into the air. They also offer rain harvesting technology and are entirely solar powered as a carbon neutral welfare solution. As a result, these cabins are a far greener option for worksites, particularly when it comes to controlled working areas/environmentally sensitive sites such as ULEZ zones and city centres.

Whilst addressing ecological issues is extremely topical across the industry, for us, it's all about supporting clients on their journey to overcome challenges through funding their ambition.

As the broker tasked with funding these £57,000 units, overcoming the fact that our client was a relatively new start-up appeared to be the initial challenge. Understanding the future cash position of the business was critical to providing them with 100% funding.

The fact that we were able to secure aggressive terms around such a large capital expenditure figure for an effectively new business is testament to C&D’s innovative methods. What’s more, it goes without saying that our inventive finance package has protected our client’s cash flow and enabled them to cater for increasing demand through expansion, ultimately encouraging their endeavour to implement lasting change across the welfare market.

As a repeat customer, the opportunity for this client knows no bounds as we continue to fund assets for them going forward - supporting expansion, protecting cash flow and driving profit.

If you are looking to protect cash flow for your business and obtain working capital to expand, you can reach out to the team at Charles & Dean now on 01780 763836.


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