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Breaking Down Barriers - KP Travel

‘Breaking Down Barriers’ - a series by Charles & Dean documenting the pivotal impact our service has had on businesses combating the turbulent business environment that has been incurred by Covid-19 and other current events.

KP Travel is a professional transportation service that operates across the UK as a thriving business and recent commercial client of Charles & Dean. A customer referral, the individual behind KP Travel already possessed significant experience within the coach industry prior to approaching Charles & Dean. With evidence of work with schools in the form of mini-transits for home to school transport, there was an undeniable strength of experience present.

However, in order to expand the brand and generate further revenue and income, the path that KP Travel needed to take was evident. Extending their network into the school community required facilitation in growth - ULES compliant vehicles that can cater for more passengers whilst maintaining sustainability. This option would allow them to go in search of more varied contracts and potentially pursue events in addition to daily journeys, providing a wider range of services such as airport transfers, community transport, etc.

Having only started trading in February and with no financials filed, our contribution to this business in the form of asset finance via lease agreement has been fundamental to their progression.

For this company, their Charles & Dean Moment consisted of the realisation that they could expand their offering significantly and in a manageable manner that would allow them to utilise business prospects and cast their gaze further afield.


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