Cutting Edge Performance – Motorsport Equipment

Cutting Edge Performance – Motorsport Equipment

Charles & Dean were recently able to assist a local business by arranging finance for their company growth in purchasing a Mazak CNC machine to complement their engineering business which manufactures equipment for the Motorsport sector. Our knowledgeable broker was able to inform the client about the financial market space and the variety of lenders who would support their business since it had matured and placed them in a better financial position.

We were able to provide a swift turnaround; quote to proposal and payout (including an asset inspection) in less than 7 working days. We were able to structure a bespoke agreement to aid cash flow by providing a VAT deferral, which more and more businesses are favouring. The asset was already mid-delivery with a specialist delivery firm, therefore the asset inspection was required to be conducted whilst in transit!

Having created significant savings of approximately £13,500 over 60 months in interest charges compared to a quote from his usual lender, our broker demonstrated the variety of products that would be suitable for the customer’s continued growth in the future, which they discussed on a tour of the factory.

Motorsport Equipment
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