Improve the cash flow of your business with fast invoice payments. Taking out invoice finance frees up your working capital. Giving you the time to invest in your growing business, without wasting valuable time chasing invoice payments, or the stress and financial burden of trying to recover payments in court. 

Charles & Dean

At Charles & Dean we work with a variety of the UK’s largest lenders, therefore we can tailor a financial solution to suit your specific requirements. Our experienced finance specialists will work with you and your business to make late and lengthy invoicing terms a thing of the past in order to substantially improve your business’s cash flow. 


How invoice finance can help your business

 Invoice your clients – Raise a commercial invoice and send it to your client, copying in the finance provider.

✓ Receive up to 90% payment. The finance provider will pay you an agreed percentage of the invoice payment, typically within just 24 hours.

Receive your outstanding payment – Once the finance provider has received the full payment from the client, within the agreed payment terms, you will receive the remaining percentage, minus any applicable interest or fee.

When you purchase an invoice finance option, the finance provider takes responsibility for up to 90% of the debt owed to you by your clients. The process can be arranged confidentially. Clients do not need to be informed of any third party involvement.

If your business is creditworthy, with a turnover of £250,000 a year or more, you are likely to be eligible for invoice finance.

✓ Regular and substantial boosts to your cash flow.

✓ Immediate cash advances on your existing invoices.

✓ A flexible, tailored service with full confidentially if required – clients do not need to be informed of any third party involvement.

✓ Immediate access to your money – up to 90% of your invoice payments will be paid quickly, typically within 24 hours.

✓ No more time wasted chasing late payments.

Invoice Finance in practise

Your business issues an invoice to the value of £10,000.  The finance provider immediately takes responsibility for an agreed percentage of the debt owed to you (up to 90%) – £9,000.

Regardless of the payment terms of the invoice, the finance provider will typically pay you the £9,000 within just 24 hours.  The finance provider will then arrange to collect the full £10,000 from the client within the agreed payment terms of the invoice. 

When the finance provider has received the full 100% of the invoice payment from the client, they will pay you the remaining £1,000, minus any interest and fees.

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