Top 5 Benefits of Using a Finance Broker, with Charles & Dean

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Finance Broker, with Charles & Dean

If you’ve ever dealt with car dealerships, you’ll be familiar with their endeavours to entice you with a finance package that appears attractive on the surface, but often proves costly in the long run.

Tom Perkins & Simon Grace from Charles & Dean have uncovered the Top 5 Benefits of Using a Finance Broker to help you to make your next car purchase more affordable – if you’d like to save money on financing your next car, read on.

Benefit One: Choice, Flexibility & Speed

As a broker, we have immediate access to a variety of lenders, whereas car dealerships are often restricted to using in-house lenders. This enables us to offer our customers more choice and better value for money on car finance than the majority of car dealerships.

Benefit Two: Competitive rates

As a broker, we have well-established relationships with some of the UK’s biggest banks, so we are able to negotiate considerably better rates than most car dealerships, which means we can offer our customers substantial savings on their car finance.

Benefit Three: Clarity

As a broker, we fully discuss all appropriate finance options with our customers, including loans, leases and overdrafts. Our customers can then make an informed choice to ensure their finance package suits their individual requirements.

Benefit Four: Experience

As a broker, we act in the best interests of our customers and their individual financial circumstances. Our tailored approach improves our customers’ chances of being successful in their car finance application.

Benefit Five: Protection & Assurance

As a broker, we are members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so our customers can be assured that we will always act in their best interests.

About Us

Charles & Dean is an independent finance broker. We take pleasure in making vehicle and asset finance more personal, as well as a lot more straightforward. We have well-established relationships with some of the most competitive lenders in the country, so we are able to negotiate excellent rates offering our customers substantial savings on their finance. So, no matter which reputable dealer you’re using to buy your new or used car, it’s worth getting in touch. As well as financing cars, we also finance other vehicles and assets, including agricultural and construction machinery, surveying equipment, fixed assets and property.

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